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[Korean] Dahn Korean Cuisine

Restaurant: Dahn Korean Cuisine
Cuisine: Korean
Location: Thornhill
Address: 8159 Yonge St
Price Range: $15~25

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very Good 5: Excellent

Food: 3
Service: 3
Ambiance: 3
Overall: 3

Extra information:

* Party rooms Avail
* Open for lunch and dinner
* Course menu avail

Dahn was one of the Korean restaurants that created buzz on Twitter within Koreans from Toronto. I've been meaning to try it for awhile, but since it is quite far from where I live- it took me this long. Everytime I take my parents (especially my dad) to a Korean restaurant I get super nervous because it's so hard to impress them! Especially my dad who travels back and forth between Korea and Canada, he knows good Korean food.

Regardless, I went to Dahn for lunch with my mom hoping the restaurant would live up to the hype. I was surprised by how big the restaurant was, it even had 2nd floor with party room where you can easily accomodate 20 people. But then again, given the location I guess they can afford to since they are not downtown.

We were seated in one of the rooms on the side and it had sliding doors so you could get some privacy. However, I didn't really understand why they would put us in a room when there were only 2 of us and there were tables outside... Especially the lighting in all of the rooms weren't so bright and it was closed off ceiling to floor, I felt a little claustrophobic in it.


Table Setting

Complimentry salad & side dishes


Ordered: Sliced Roast Beef 4/5

* Sliced chilled roast beef and vegetables served with special wasabi sauce for $19
* This is a cold dish that is eaten as an appetizer
* For an appetizer, the price is a little high but the portion is quite big as well

* Special wasabi sauce was made with lemon and plum extract

* Basically you take one piece of the meat and wrap all these vegetables in it and dip it in the sauce

* This dish was very light and refreshing
* I did notice the meat seemed quite stiff and had a paper bag like texture
* But overall I enjoyed it quite a bit

Ordered: Naeng Myun + Dduk Gal Bi Combo 3/5

* Cold noodles and Dduk Gal Bi (Hamburg Steak) for $15.95
* It is summer time so all Korean restaurants seem to have Naeng Myun (cold noodle)
* Also, it's a must after you have some Korean BBQ

* First of all, the portion of Naeng Myun was so big that it was almost ridiculous
* I normally prefer the spicy cold noodle, but in this case the regular one was much better

* The soup was very light and it had perfect balance between sweet-sour flavor
* Noodle itself wasn't that great (it's not house-made)

* Dduk Gal Bi was quite disappointing
* They were decent in terms of quality and texture
* But the sauce they had on top made it way too sweet

* Original Dduk Gal Bi made in Korea do not have any type of sauce on top
* It is marinated on its own to some point but not to over power the meat
* It was almost like food court chinese meats (Sweet & Sour pork anyone?)

Ordered: Bi Bim Naeng Myun 3/5

* Spicy cold noodles served with pickled radish, cucumber and boiled egg with sweet & spicy sauce for $7.95
* This is a spicy version of the cold noodle
* Normally I prefer this over regular cold noodle but I didn't really enjoy it here

* The sauce was way too sweet and it just didn't have enough flavor with the noodle
* Best spicy cold noodle I had in Toronto was probably from Bulgogi Brothers (Check out my review here)

Going back to how we were seated in the room, they barely checked on us after bringing us the food. With the tightly closed sliding doors, it didn't help us trying to get their attention either.

Summary: I am glad I tried Dahn after hearing all the hype, but it didn't really spark fireworks for me. I do feel like maybe I need to try other items off the menu like their BBQ meats, but I am not in a hurry to go back. If you want BBQ or cold noodles, I suggest checking out Bulgogi Brothers (Check out my review here)

Dahn Korean Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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