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[Mexican] Grand Electric


Restaurant: Grand Electric

Cuisine: Mexican
Location: Parkdale
Address: 1330 Queen St W
Price Range: $10~15


1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very Good 5: Excellent

Food: 5
Service: 4
Ambiance: 3
Overall: 4

Extra information:

*Opened by ex-Black Hoofers
*Open 6 nights a week
*Closed on Tuesdays
*Limited menu items


Grand Electric has created quite a buzz on social media even before it opened. Even I found out about it before their opening date and everyone on Twitter was talking about it. Ex-Black Hoofers or not, I love Mexican food so it immediately went on my go-to list.



After reading couple reviews, I realized that if I didn't want to wait 2 hours, I should drop by even before the restaurant opens, which is at 6pm everyday. Thankfully I got there around 5:40'ish and I was the first one to arrive. It felt a little awkward to be waiting at the front, but was relieved to see other people lining up behind me shortly after. They opened their doors exactly at 6pm and my friend and I were seated immediately.



All their drinks and food items were written on the black board which were placed all around the restaurant.
It's quite dark in the restaurant plus the writing is pretty small so if you don't have good eyes, you would have to stand up and walk up to the blackboard to read the menu like I did.





Ordered: Michelada 1/5


*Tecate (Mexican beer) with Caesar seasonings for $7
*I saw that they had Horchata on their drinks menu which I was excited about, but it was no longer on the menu
*In terms of 'cocktail' drinks, they only had this or the Grand Electric Sour
*I don't like vanilla-creamy type cocktails so I went with the Michelada
*I did not enjoy this at all
*I am sure it's suppose to taste like it is- but to me, it was beer with caesar seasonings and it just wasn't pleasant
*I would just rather get regular beer or regular caesar


Ordered: Guacamole & Chips 5/5


*Plate of fresh corn chips served with guacamole and salsa topped with deep fried pork rind for $8
*Corn chips were super fresh, crispy and crunchy
*Guacamole was very flavorful with red onions and cilantro with the just right amount of lime juice
*Salsa was tasty as well but I would have preferred it with a little more kick
*Perfect to share between 2-4 people for an appetizer
*One of the best guacamole I've tasted


Ordered: Tuna Ceviche 4/5


*Pieces of raw tuna served with red onions and cilantro with lime dressing on top of deep fried taco shell for $7.50
*This was another good appetizer
*Lime mayo dressing on top with all the fresh vegetables went really well with the crispy taco shell
*This is hard to share and it is small in portion
*Overall has very refreshing taste (almost like a salad)


Ordered: Shrimp Tostada 5/5


*Pieces of shrimp served with fresh vegetables with lime dressing on top of deep fried taco shell for $8.50
*This was exactly like the Tuna Ceviche but with shrimp
*If I was to choose betwen Tuna Ceviche or Shrimp Tostada, I would get this one
*The sauce and the fresh avocado pieces balances out the sour marinade on shrimp
*Shrimps were big and juicy, went well with the dressing and I really enjoyed this dish


Ordered: Chicken Frito 3/5


*Plate of chicken wings with sweet chili sauce for $14
*5~6 pieces of chicken with lime, cilantro, green onion and chili
*This was one of the bigger dishes of the night
*Wasn't sure what to expect but it tasted Chinese-Thai fusion
*It was nothing special but the sauce was tasty


Ordered: Spicy Arbol Chicken & Pork belly Alpastor & Baja Fish Taco 5/5


*Taco is $3 each
*All 3 were really good, but Spicy Arbol Chicken was my favorite
*Spicy Arbol Chicken Taco was bursting with flavor but it is quite spicy
*Chicken was juicy and it went really well with all the vegetables (lettuce & cilantro) on top
*Pork belly Alpastor tasted like pulled pork
*Usually I don't like fruit in my savory food, but it complimented the flavor and I really enjoyed this
*Baja Fish Taco was really refreshing and it was almost like fish & chips in a wrap
*This was my first time trying fish taco and the fish was really soft and went well with the sauce and radish served on top
*They were the best tacos I've had until now, they are a MUST order!

Overall, I really enjoyed everything I ordered at the Grand Electric. I could tell that all the ingredients were super fresh and the flavors were strong in every dish. However, I would like to point out that a lot of their dishes use same vegetables/sauce so a lot of the dishes could overlap in flavor. Also, if you don't like (or hate) cilantro, I would stay away from this place. But then again, you expect cilantro in every dish at Mexican restaurants.


Ordered: Key Lime Vaso 3/5


*Key Lime Pie with whipped cream for $5
*By the time I was done with dinner, I was stuffed but couldn't pass on dessert
*Normally I don't like key lime pie or anything too sour
*This is small in size (which was much appreciated since I was about to burst)
*This wasn't too sour and it was well balanced with the fresh whipped cream on top
*Refreshing after all the mexican food and it was a nice way to end the meal


Summary: I really enjoyed my meal at the Grand Electric. I had doubts going in but yes, it is worth all the hype. Tacos are a must order and expect everything to be super fresh. Make sure to go early (before they open) if you don't want to wait long. I would go back to this place anytime.


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omg. i literally just came back from Grand Electric. and their fish and pork belly tacos are AMAZING!! and urgh i hated how it was so dark in there. so my pictures all turned out blurry T___T

February 14, 2012 | Unregistered Commentergraceyyyy

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