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[Chinese] Ding Tai Fung

Restaurant: Ding Tai Fung
Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Markham
Address: 3255 Highway 7 East
Price Range: $10~15

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very Good 5: Excellent

Food: 4
Service: 3
Ambiance: 3
Overall: 3.5

Extra information:

* Vegetarian Option Avail
* Open lunch and dinner
* Specializes in DimSum/Dumplings

I know where I go to get the best Xiu Long Bao back in Vancouver. If you don't know what Siu Long Bao is...maybe you know it by 'Chinese soup dumplings'? If that still doesn't ring your've been missing out all your life!! Xiu Long Bao is a traditionally steamed dumpling in small bamboo baskets- usually stuffed with pork filled with soup inside! Anyways, if you haven't tried it- make sure you do. If you already have and love it, good for you and you probably already heard about Ding Tai Fung.

I first heard about this place shortly after I moved to Toronto and was eager to try it out. However, my sister went to try it with her friend and came back with a disappointing news- that it wasn't very good!!! So after that, my enthusiasm died down for delicious Xiu Long Baos search in Toronto and forgot about this place for awhile.

Anyways, one day I was really craving it and thought what the heck, maybe it won't be that bad and now that it's been so long since I left Vancouver- mediocre Xiu Long Bao might taste good? So I dragged my family to the restaurant hoping for the best.

Restaurant is quite spacious once you walk in, but holy moly it gets loud in there. Tables are placed very close to each other but that's sort of expected at a restaurants like this. There were 5 of us and we waited around 20 minutes for a table.

Ordered: Steamed Small Buns 5/5

* 6 Xiu Long Bao for $5.99
* This comes super hot and is filled with even hotter soup so be careful!
* Key to eating these are picking them up on the top folded part
* Bringing it over your spoon and take a small bite to make a hole
* Pour the soup onto your spoon, drink it and then eat the dumpling
* This was the way I was taught by my Chinese friend

* This is served with the vinegar + ginger slices
* Their Xiu Long Bao didn't have that peculiar pork smell
* Skin was on the thin side which is ideal
* Probably the best Xiu Long Bao I tried in Toronto so far

Ordered: Steamed Shrimp & Meat Chinese Dumplings 3/5

* 6 pieces of the dumplings for $6.99
* This is similar concept with Xiu Long Bao but with shrimp
* I forget if this had soup inside it
* This dumpling tasted a little too bland for me

Ordered: Fried Dumplings 3.5/5

* 5 pieces of pan fried pork dumplings for $5.99
* If you are trying out a dumpling place, you gotta try pan fried as well!!
* This came very simple, similar stuffing to Xiu Long Bao
* Dumpling skin was chewy and a little crispy on the bottom

Ordered: Deep fried baguettes 5/5

* Deep fried baguette served with condensed milk for $3.24
* This was something I tried couple times before and I suddenly had craving for it
* It's something so simple but so delicious
* Baguette is super crispy outside and fluffy soft inside
* Dip it in condensed milk and it makes perfect dessert for me
* It's pretty hard to mess up this dish

Ordered: Stewed beef in Pancake 3/5

* Dish of beef in green onion pancake for $5.99
* This is a pretty standard dish at Chinese restaurants
* A lot of the times I have this when I go to beef noodle spots
* I found their green onion pancake to be a little too thin
* Beef was well seasoned and tender, it would've been perfect if the pancake was a little fluffier.

Ordered: Shanghai Style Fried Noodle 1/5

* Stir fried shanghai noodles with pork and vegetables for $10.50
* I was all against ordering this at a DimSum/Dumpling spot
* But it was my lovely sister who insisted we order this dish (cause she loves noodles)
* And of course, I was right...this noodle dish was a bad choice!
* Noodles were over cooked and way too soft
* There wasn't much meat or vegetables...or much flavor to this dish

Ordered: Sliced fish with chili sauce 2/5

* Steamed fish slices with chili sauce for $13.50
* Again, my sister's idea to order some stupid fish dish
* This wasn't as bad as the noodles...but still not good at all!
* I take this chance to say...older people know better :D
* Fish was quite bland and to be honest I don't really like steamed fishes

Ordered: Stir fried bean leaves 4/5

* Snow Pea leaves stir fried with garlic for $9.99
* This is always a must order for my family whenever we go to Chinese restaurants
* The only way to ruin this dish is over-cooking it but Ding Tai Fung did a good job

Ordered: Deep fried squid tentacles 3/5

* Small plate of deep fried squid for $6.50
* Someone please tell me why deep frying things make it taste so good
* I know this was a random order as well but I was craving it
* Also it's hard to mess up deep fried squid
* It didn't have any seasoning in the batter so it would've been nice if it was served with a dipping sauce

Ordered: Spicy Wontons 5/5

* Bowl of small wontons with chili sauce for $5.99
* These are tiny wontons made with pork
* This was really good with just the right amount of spiciness
* Wonton skin was really thin which soaked up the sauce very well
* Must order item!

Summary: Always listen to your elders, stick to dumplings and simple dishes at Ding Tai Fung and you will leave happy with fully belly.
Xiu Long Bao and Spicy wonton is a must order and make sure you don't burn your tongue from the soup!

Ding Tai Fung Shanghai Dim Sum on Urbanspoon

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