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[Korean] KaChi


Restaurant: Ka Chi

Cuisine: Korean
Location: Chinatown
Address: 414 Dundas St W
Price Range: ~$10


1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very Good 5: Excellent

Food: 4
Service: 3
Ambiance: 3
Overall: 3.5

Extra information:

*Popular for Pork bone soup
*Vegetarian Option Avail
*3 locations in Downtown Toronto


It was a cold day and my sister and I were craving Hot Pot. I found a decent looking place on Yelp, so we decided to head to Chinatown where it was located. Even after calling to see it was open, when we got there we realized it was not a Hot Pot place, but a Chinese Bakery. I have no idea what happened there but long story short, we were already in Chinatown and hungry so we decided to try the much famous Ka-Chi that was near by.



Flat Screen TV in one corner



Walking in, I was surprised to see how clean and bright the restaurant was. First of all, Ka Chi did not feel like a Korean restaurant (decor, lighting and layout) plus for a place located in Chinatown half basement, it was exceptionally clean. I don't expect much going into Korean restaurants, unless I am going to a drinking place where food can be mediocre but alcohol makes up for it. It was quite busy once we got there, but we got seats right away infront of this giant TV screen, YAY samsung!!


Open from 10:30AM to 10:30PM



They have a very long menu and it seems very extensive. But when you look at each pages, it's basically same dish but in varieties of meat and vegetables. They seem to specialize in Bi-Bim-Bab, Various Meat dishes and Spicy soup (in general)




I know people say Korean restaurants give you free appetizers but these are actually sidedishes meant to be consumed during meal, not as an appetizer (although I do pick at it prior to arrival of my food cause I am usually starving!). They gave us 2 types of KimChi, Sweet potato, Seaweed, Stir fried Zucchini and Jelly noodles. None of the side dishes were that good- both KimChi tasted very bland, Seaweed dish was very sour and other 3 dishes were just nothing special.



Ordered: Pork bone soup 2/5


*Pork bone stew served with rice and side dishes for $7.95
*My sister decided to order the Pork bone soup since everyone raved about it so much.
*I personally don't like Porkbone soup cause I had it way too many times back in my university years when my guy friends ordered it all the time to eat it while drinking soju
*3-4 big pieces of porkbone with potatoes in a spicy broth


*There is a lot of meat on the bones and bean sprouts on the side
*Have to work with your chopstick to get the meat off
*Soup was little too mild for my taste
*Very distinct pork smell to this dish (if you don't really like pork, this might be a turn off)



Ordered: Spicy Bulgogi & Squid on Stone Plate 4/5


*Stir fried beef and squid in spicy sauce served with rice and side dishes for $11.95
*Lately, I've been obessed with Spicy squid and Milkshake (random, i know)
*Big portion with lots of meat and squid on sizzling stone plate
*This only looks very spicy, the color of this dish is very deceiving
*I found it to be a little too sweet near the end


*Lots of cabbage pieces, green & red pepper and onions
*Very good with rice and could be shared between 2 people
*I want to try other stone plate dishes next time



Ordered: Seafood Pancake 5/5


*Seafood pancake with shrimp, squid and vegetables for $6.95
*This is a must order everytime I go to Korean restaurants because it's one of my favorite dishes
*They make this really well here with little flour and lots of seafood which makes it super crispy
*Dip this in the soy sauce they give you on the side and this can be eaten alone or with rice
*Seafood pancake is good for sharing if ordered as an appetizer


*This was one of the best seafood pancakes I had so far in Canada
*Must order when going to Ka Chi if you love seafood pancakes



Summary: Overall the service was decent and I loved how clean the restaurant is. The food is above average although I think dishes can be hit or miss depending on what you order but I will def go back to this place.


Ka Chi on Urbanspoon

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