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[Dessert] Menchies



Restaurant: Menchies
Cuisine: Frozen Yogurt Icecream
Location: The Annex
Address: 511 Bloor St W
Price Range: $5-$10

1: Poor
2: OK
3: Good
4: Very Good
5: Excellent

Food: 4
Service: 3
Ambiance: 3
Overall: 3.5

Extra information:

*DIY topping stations

*Points card, every $50 you spend, get $5 back

Menchies is #1 ranked frozen yogurt spot in Downtown Toronto. You will easily find Menchines in The Annex with the colorful pink/purple storefront sign and the Menchies frozen yogurt character. It's clean, bright and fully air-conditioned in the shop which is a big must for a icecream shop.

All the cups come in one size so grab one and get ready to pick your flavor! If you prefer waffle cups, they have that too, it will just cost you more.

When I went, there were following flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Original Tart, Green Apple Tart, Mocha, Red Velvet, Peach, Mango, Banana. You can squeeze out the flavors you want, how much you want. You can just get one flavor, or have a twist of two flavors that are paired with each other.

Good thing about Menchies is that you can sample all these different flavors! They have these little paper cups (ones used for ketchup at Mcdonalds, but a little smaller) that you can use to squeeze out the frozen yogurt and get a little tasting before picking your flavor. This is good because how will you know you will like certain flavor? what if you wanted to try something new but was afraid it will be bad so you never bother to try it? I almost got myself Red Velvet flavor but I tried some sample of it and almost threw up (TOO SWEET!!!!)!! I would have been pretty upset if I found out I didn't like it after I paid for it, right? Besides, how much sample could one have...? he he he *evil laugh* Anyways, I picked Green Apple Tart and Original Tart.

Snackage Station is where you pick and choose whatever toppings you want on top of your frozen yogurt. Here you can see: Walnuts, Cashews, Yogurt Chips, Reeses pieces, White chocolate chips, Dark chocolate chips, Coconut, Rainbow sprinkles, Crispy crunch, Nesquik, Graham crumbs, Reeses puffs, Slow Poke, Rosebuds, Skor pieces and Roasted almonds.

Here are some more toppings, Oreo pieces, Marshmallows, Chocolate sprinkles, Gummi worms, Milk chocolate raisin, Smarties, Nerds, Sour keys, Gummy bears and Lucky charms. All the topping stations are well organized and extremely clean. These are the little things that matter at shops like this- because it's DIY, stations could get messy due to little children or customers spilling things everywhere but it's obvious the employees here are very efficient and well trained.

The 'Chill' station with all the seasonal fruits for your frozen yogurt!

Close up of the Chill Station, they have Pineapples, Cocktail Cherry, Strawberries, Bananas, Kiwi, Mochi and various pearls (boba). I kind of wish they had raspberries or black berries because that's what I always get with my frozen yogurt but I guess they are more of a pricier fruit so it's not at the station? I got two pieces of pineapple because I was craving the fruit itself. So basically I just wanted to eat the frozen yogurt as is without any toppings.

MINE!!!!!!! 'we make you smile', yes you do :) This was so good!!! I know you can't really see the frozen yogurt but it's because I didn't get that much. Their frozen yogurt is very 'frozen' as per texture, it's more on the stiff side compared to other frozen yogurt places- and this is good cause when it's too soft it melts too fast. Original Tart was very yogurty-tasting and the Green Apple Tart was tangy and so refreshing!

As I was sitting happily enjoying my frozen yogurt, I saw this to my left; Celebrities love Menchies, Menchiewood! Few of the celebrities are Taylor Swift, Taylor Latner, Jennifer Garner, Paris Hilton, Adam Sandler and the Kardashian Sisters! I don't know why but seeing this made me like Menchies more, yes, I am shallow like that. HAHA

Summary: I LOVE MENCHIES. I would go here more often if it was closer to my house! I've tried many frozen yogurts at various locations and this is pretty far up on my ranking board :)

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